Welcome to the website of Happy Om, a dedicated yoga space in the heart of Norwich. Happy Om is a peaceful and supportive space, with dedicated teachers who are passionate about all things yoga. The space serves practitioners of all backgrounds; young, old, healthy, sick, big, small, quirky, quiet, et all! The space is fully equipped with everything you may need for your practice, so you can just turn up and enjoy your time here. Our teachers are here to support you in any way they can. Namaste! We look forward to meeting you!

All of the teachers are independent in that they hire the space from us and run their classes as they wish to. Therefore if you have questions, please contact the teacher directly – emails on the ‘contact’ page.

Happy Om is run by Lou Kitchener and Ivana Prekopova. If you have general inquiries, or would like to book the space for a yoga class or workshop, please contact us on happyomnorwich@gmail.com.


Hi all! A little word about Coronavirus

After much thought and consideration, we have decided to close Happy Om for now, as of today (Tuesday 17th March).

We are aware of many different points of view, and have to go with what feels like the right thing. My absolute priority is to protect anyone who is vulnerable, or who is looking after someone who is vulnerable. This I place far higher than the financial implications, or the fact that some people, for now, might like to carry on as normal.

We love our studio very much, all of the teachers, and all of you who come along.

Many teachers will be providing online offerings. I hope that you can support them in some way, as all of us face the challenges of this.

One thing I know for sure, is that yoga is AMAZING and can transform our lives. We can continue this in new, creative ways.

Much love to you all, and we look forward to huge yoga parties in the summer!

Much Love, Lou & Ivana